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I applied for a few internships on this website and have finally secured the one I wanted the most starting in January 2018 in Paris.

This was a long process however it was worth it.

Jennifer Dey helped and supported me along the way and gave me tips and suggestions before interviews. In addition, she would help find internships that were suitable for me. She made my job hunting a lot faster and less stressful.

This is a company that I highly recommend using.

Madlen, Bristol University


SLB were really great with helping find an internship in Paris. Jennifer was particularly helpful. The team are really responsive and gave me all the help i needed to secure an exciting placement for my year abroad.

Ludo, Oxford University


SLB were extremely helpful in aiding me to find a job, much more so than my university year abroad service. The application process is incredibly easy and the SLB co-ordinators reply instantly and were able to respond to my requests with ease. Jennifer Dey, in particular, was there supporting me throughout my application and was able to keep me updated about each development in my application.
I would definitely recommend SLB to anyone looking for a job for their year abroad - it was the reason I found one!

Noemie, Cardiff University


SLB was absolutely amazing with helping me find an internship in Paris, with a company that had a competitive application process and they helped me the entire way. Archie found the job for me that he thought would suit what i was looking for and the job, which i have successfully obtained is perfect. He contacted me through Facebook and helped me apply to it, telling me what cv and cover letter to attach. Jennifer was also a massive help, she texted me to update me through the process to let me know where i was in the application and when I would receive a Skype interview from the company.
I would definitely recommend to anyone to go through the SLB as the help was fantastic and made me feel a lot less stressed about my application.
Thank you so much for all your help!!

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