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Jeet, Paris


I was very happy with the quick response that I got from them, unfortunately I couldn't do the job because of my time table that kept on changing every week. The agency is spectacular and always helpful.

Chloe, Edinburgh University


I am spending the year studying in Paris and was looking for a student job. I was very impressed with the speed with which they processed my application, only a few days after I had completed it I was asked to come in for an interview by an agency. The SLB team helped me throughout the application process for a job with a bilingual babysitting agency and even after I had been accepted into the agency, they continued to provide support and made sure that I was happy with the job.

Hannah, Liverpool University


I was very impressed by Jennifer's efficiency in helping me find a job position in Spain. She was extremely friendly and always gave quick quick replies with transparent information. Definitely recommend SLB!

Naomi, Newcastle University


SLB enabled me to get in touch with a translation agency that I probably wouldn't have come across or thought about applying to otherwise. I am now enjoying working on lots of exciting projects and gaining invaluable experience at the same time. Jennifer was also really friendly in emails. Thanks a lot!

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