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Darragh, Leeds University


The SLB were unbelievably helpful in finding me a placement. Jennifer was very friendly and I secured a job extremely quickly. I would recommend the SLB to everyone.

Thanks so much again for all your help

Pippa, Newcastle University


My experience using the Student Language Bureau was good - Jennifer Dey was great in understanding exactly what I was after and making the time to speak to me over the phone to discuss it further.
The placements I was looking at were only for one month, which I understand makes it difficult, but I will be sure to use Student Language Bureau later this year when I will be searching for a 3 month placement during Summer 2017.
Many thanks for your help.

Anna, South of France


I am really satisfied with your services. You replied to me really quickly and you were always really helpful. You found me the perfect match, a job which was exactly what I was looking for, so thank you so much. I will be recommending you to friends, keep up the good work!

Isabel, Newcastle University


I began the search for a work placement abroad myself, and after a few weeks of emailing companies to no avail, I searched for some more help. When I first came across Student Language Bureau, I thought that the service they were offering would be invaluable to me in order to plan my third year abroad. As soon as I expressed my interest in becoming a client of the company, Jennifer Dey interviewed me about my exact requirements and wishes as to sourcing a work placement in France for the next year. She was exceedingly thorough and made sure she knew exactly what I was looking for. The company corresponded with me at least once a week over the following months, updating me on opportunities they had come across and addressing any concerns that I had.
I am now happy to have found an internship that perfectly suits what I was looking for, thanks to the Student Language Bureau. I have been so impressed by their helpfulness, professionalism, friendliness and attention to detail; I would highly recommend their service to anyone in search of a work placement.

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