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Lydia, Bristol University


Thank you for providing such an efficient service, I have found it immensely helpful and very easy to use. I would highly recommend SLB.

Maia, Manchester University


The Student Language Bureau, and in particular Jennifer, have been absolutely fantastic in helping me with organising my year abroad! Jennifer called me soon after submitting some internship job applications for Paris and was extremely friendly and helpful with advice on the phone. Not only have I received advice on internships, there is lots of information on the SLB blog with regards to specific countries!

I cannot recommend enough the Student Language Bureau for finding an internship or any other worries you have about your year abroad.

Thank you SLB and Jennifer :)

Esther, Newcastle University


Jennifer and the Student Language Bureau were so helpful, guiding me through every stage of the application process. I wouldn't have found the internship without the Student Language Bureau and I felt really prepared for the interview thanks to Jennifer. I've had a great experience with the Student Language Bureau and would highly recommend working with them to find a job or internship!

Constance, Edinburgh University


The Student Language Bureau is, no exaggeration, the most indispensable resource for any student looking for a placement abroad, and my only regret is that I didn't find out about it earlier! In March, I was stressed, lacking in confidence, and extremely worried that I wouldn't be able to find a work placement for my year abroad at all. I was spending so much time trawling through sites like Linkedin, Erasmusintern, and other job boards applying for internships only to hear nothing back or to be rejected. Having heard about the SLB from a friend I got in contact - and a month later I have secured an internship, all thanks to Jennifer and her team. Since I found out about this network Jennifer has been in constant communication via email and phone - her practical advice on applications as well as her general encouragement and reassurance have been utterly crucial. She has provided such a personal and pragmatic approach to finding a work placement, something that so different to the overwhelming anonymity (and poor application success rate) of other internship websites. This is no mere jobs board - it is the ultimate network for language students, and it deserves to be recognised!

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