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Sophie, Bristol University


Finding a job on your Year Abroad is normally very stressful, but the Student Language Bureau really put me at ease when guiding me through the application process. I was very impressed with their efficiency, and would recommend them to anyone trying to find a placement as they are very friendly and helpful!

Lucy, Bristol University


The Student Language were so helpful to me, and I was able to find a really good placement for my Year Abroad. Jennifer, in particular, was extremely helpful at replying immediately to any questions or problems I had, and also was able to offer me a lot of useful advice to prepare for my interview. I am very appreciative to them!

Jemima, Durham University


The Student Language Bureau were so attentive to all my questions. Everybody I was put in contact with via email and social media was super friendly and always happy to help. Thank you so much, I'm very grateful :)

Becky, Bristol University


I can't recommend SLB enough to students approaching their year abroad. They helped me so much in finding a suitable job and everyone was so easy to contact, particularly via social media. Jennifer was extremely helpful and full of advice, answering all my queries and encouraging me along the way! Extremely grateful :)

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