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Beach Fit Barcelona is all about getting fit and staying in shape, being part of a fun loving, international community. 

Beach Fitters are all about getting out of the gym and using beautiful Barcelona to our advantage.

We use all we have available to us: sand, slopes, steps, benches, grass and whatever we can find. Combining running, circuits and strength work to offer one of the most effective workouts available.


We keep your body guessing, by offering a variation of trainers, new routines and non-stop action.

Each session is different which keeps it fun, interesting and stimulating and also means that you will be continually challenged both mentally and physically.

Beach Fit is about helping:

  • Beach Fitters to reach their own personal health and fitness goals.
  • Group session which means that we benefit from the camaraderie of the team
  • Encourage each other to new reach levels of fitness, health and feel happier with ourselves.

Beach Fit training is for all levels of fitness.


We have a system that allows you to work as hard as you can, without being left behind or feeling incompetent. Different coloured bibs, depending on your level of fitness.

We pride ourselves on the fact that classes take place come rain or shine, warm or cold!

The first session is absolutely FREE so new members can try out a session, come down and meet some of us and see for themselves why we are the best.

Stay up to date with our classes and events, by liking our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram.

You can also catch some of the action over on our YouTube Channel.

Once you’ve taken your first FREE class and you’re hooked.


Prices are either:

€40 per month for unlimited classes

€8 per class, for a drop in.

We will see you in class!