Why choose us?

Why use The SLB? 

We collaborate with the best educational institutions to introduce you to candidates pursuing work internationally. As a result you will gain access to a niche group of highly competent candidates with a great sense of initiative, exceptional language skills with a strong work ethic.
We are personal and place a great emphasis on the selection process to ensure we provide you with the highest calibre of candidates to meet your needs.
We offer bespoke service options and flexible payment plans to meet your business needs. 
9/10 of our clients will use our jobs board again to recruit online.
10/10 of our clients would recommend us.

How can we satisfy your needs and enhance your business?

By providing you with highly skilled and competent native English and multilingual employees who offer exceptional language skills.
We allow you to compete by gaining you easy access to the best talent
It is vitally important for us to understand your company culture to ensure our candidates are both a cultural fit for your business and a professional fit
You will receive the best applicants for your vacancies at a highly competitive price