What our Clients say

Outsourcing travel company- Belgium

Required an intern for their translation department in an unpaid role.
They received 12 applications through us, all of which attended Universities in the top 1% worldwide.
They employed two applicants when they only required one employee.
This emphasises the high calibre of candidates we can provide for your roles.

Arts and Communications Start Up - Paris

A start up business in Paris required an intern to manage their international marketing activities and benefitted from the multilingual abilities enabling them to operate internationally.
The result from the initial job post was so successful the employer posted the role again for the next intake.

Educational Services - Paris

Employer required 60 interns in various business roles.
The employer posted adverts for the various opportunities and we provided a bespoke service to suit their needs. 
The employer received a phenomenal response from applicants and will continue to use our jobs board.


"The Student Language Bureau is our first port of call for student and graduate recruitment solutions. The SLB team provides an effective and reliable service, taking into account the individual needs of our organisation, and are always on-hand for support. We appreciate their ability to adapt, react, and communicate - and look forward to a continuing positive collaboration!" - Germany

''Up to this point, we're really satisfied about your services. You reply really quickly and you're being really helpful. Your candidate indeed seems to be a perfect match for what we're looking for, so keep up the good work!'' -Blaye

''My experience with SLB has been very positive. From the start they have been very helpful, answering any questions that I had. SLB was also very quick and efficient to replying to my emails and successfully met my needs from the beginning. The whole process was very easy and stress free and I would definitely recommend this service.'' -South of France

''Finding out about SLB opened up a lot of doors for me. The team were very helpful and I would recommend their service to companies seeking native English employees who are language students and to those who are looking for job opportunities abroad.' -Belgium

'The Student Language Bureau have been very helpful and reactive in helping us advertise our internship roles here in Paris. They have adapted their internal processes to suit our recruitment process and have handpicked the most suitable candidates for the role saving our HR team here valuable time. It is very useful for companies looking for British students for placements to have one central site where they can advertise rather than dealing with multiple contacts with no quality guarantee! Look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future' -Paris

'Working alongside Jennifer to help us recruit here at Casamona, has been a pleasure. I believe that the Student Language Bureau provides a high quality service which is invaluable to any international company that is wanting to recruit high quality candidates from British Universities.  I would recommend them to anyone in need of their help in HR. I also think the price they charge for the services they provide is good value for money due to the extent they go in helping companies and filtering candidates.

Jennifer, with whom I have been in contact with, is very helpful and has gone out of her way to help me here at Casamona. She is extremely professional and friendly and I have very much enjoyed working with her. Her level of professionalism has made me feel at home as a Brit working here in a more laid back Spain!

Overall I would say the services provided by The Student Language Bureau are excellent.' -Barcelona