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 What does The Student Language Bureau do?

The Student Language Bureau is a full support system. The SLB provides the best job opportunities offering students and graduates paid internships, graduate jobs abroad and more. The SLB offers free support to students and recent graduates working, studying or living abroad, providing international accommodation, helpful services, a blog and much more. 

 Who can use The Student Language Bureau?

We provide a service for all students and recent graduates. The roles in our network will help improve the candidate's foreign language by immersing them into a new culture. You could be a GCSE student looking for work experience or a paid summer internship. You could be taking a gap year and seeking a volunteering programme during your travels. You may be a University student planning for your year abroad. You may be a graduate looking for full time graduate work placements. For year abroad students we over paid internships and part-time flexible work to go alongside studying or teaching abroad. 

 Do The Student Language Bureau charge a fee?

No- our service is FREE for candidates! 

 How do I apply for a role?

In order to apply for a job, please complete the fields then click on the button "Apply" below the job offer. Your application will be sent to a member of our team directly, after which you'll receive a confirmation email from us shortly afterwards with information on the next steps.


 Why use The Student Language Bureau?

By registering with us you will have the opportunity to work for the best companies internationally. Our jobs board, blog, helpful services and accommodation section will enhance every aspect of your time abroad!


 Who receives my application?

Your application is sent directly to us. You will receive an email confirming that your application has been sent to the employer. The employer will contact you directly if they choose to select you for an interview. The SLB work closely with recruiters to ensure your interview process is completed quickly and efficiently. 


 Why are the company's contact information missing on some job offers?

Contact information is not shown in order to protect the company against viruses and spam. It also allows us and the company to manage all applications effectively and efficiently.


 Is it necessary to apply for a job through the website if contact information is available?

The easiest and fastest way to apply for roles is via our website. We ensure applications are received by the employer and you will get confirmation of this.


 Is it my responsibility to contact the company to find out if I have been selected for an interview?

No, the company contacts candidates to inform them of their status (by phone or email), but be patient as this process may take time. The SLB will follow the progress of your application. 


 What if I need to change any information?

Your personal profile will allow you to change and update information at any time by logging into your account. We cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information supplied by the candidate. We insist that candidates must provide honest and accurate exchanges of information and if any information has changed you must inform us immediately.


 Who doesn’t The Student Language Bureau accept?

We are unable to accept applications from candidates who hold a criminal record. By submitting a registration to us you are confirming that you have a clean criminal record. Please do not be offended if we ask for proof of this.


 How do I know if there is still a vacancy available for the position I apply for?

If a job vacancy is still online it means that the position is still available.