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in     by Morgan Watts 01-04-2021

Todays post is the “hidden gems” of Paris, night edition; some of the coolest and quirkiest places me and my friends discovered while wandering around the city under the stars. Unfortunately, given the current restrictions, these places will be closed for the moment. But, hopefully after reading this and when life becomes a bit more normal, you’ll have some new bars to hit up! 


Hidden gem number one is called Lavomatic: a cocktail bar disguised as a laundrette located near République metro station. This is definitely one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to. It’s relatively small inside so there’s always a queue outside with a bouncer who will tell you when you can go in. What’s weird is, it looks exactly like a laundrette from the outside, except for the queue of overdressed young people. We were actually in the queue and two elderly French women walking past stopped to ask why there were so many people waiting outside the laundrette at 10pm. We told them and they were laughing away and said they had no idea, they had always just thought it was a laundrette. Anyway, once you’re inside it’s even cooler. You step into what looks like a laundrette and you have to actually go through the washing machine (it’s just a door though). The decor inside is really cool, but my favourite part was the swings! Why isn’t it more common to have swings inside bars??? It’s so much fun! Lavomatic is a little bit pricey (around 10-12€ per cocktail if I remember right, although there are cheaper drink options like wine or beer) but it’s DEFINITELY worth it. Even going for one drink is an experience in itself. 

Le Baron Rouge 

This next one is for the Gossip Girl fans: Le Baron Rouge. Actually, I’d recommend this place for anyone, it’s amazing! It’s a really small bar/wine cellar situated in the 11th arrondissement. If you didn’t know, this place is popular among Gossip Girl fans as this is the bar in which Chuck worked when the cast came to Paris in season 4. Paris is known for its steep prices (I’m sure that applies to most large cities) but this place is completely affordable, a glass of wine will set you back as little as 1.50€. They also serve meat and cheese platters which are delicious. It’s decor is just beautiful: a really traditional wine cellar with large vintage style wooden barrels which are used as tables. Le Baron Rouge can be quite packed; it’s really popular among locals and quite small inside, if you’re planning a visit (which you 100% should) try and get there early. 


The final “hidden gem” on the list is L’Épicier bar. Similar to Lavomatic, this bar is disguised, but not as a laundrette this time. L’Épicier is disguised as a grocery store (which you might’ve already guessed if you speak French). You have to queue outside but once the bouncer or the “cashier” lets you inside, you then needto find the product on the shelf that opens the secret passageway to the bar. You know in films when there’s always a fake book on a shelf that once pulled, turns the bookshelf into a door to a secret location? Yeah like that. The decor inside is really cool, they have a lot of moroccan style hanging lights and comfy benches. All in all a really cool experience.