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Long time no blog. I’ve had a super busy few weeks! Here in France we had a week off University for les vacances de Toussaint, so my friends and I decided to make the most of this free time by booking a couple of trips to French cities. We spent a long weekend in Poitiers, including a day-trip to Tours on the train, and then went for a couple of days in Toulouse to soak up the sights.

Here are a few highlights from the week:


Armed with the least practical suitcase ever, largely filled with baguettes for when we got hungry, we left Limoges to spend a few days in Poitiers.

The first thing I noticed was how fantastic the French system is (in my short-lived experience). The trains were so luxurious! It really made Northern Rail look terrible.

We set off super early, so after a 3 hour train ride we arrived in Poitiers and found our hotel. I would definitely recommend staying in Budget hotels if you’re travelling for a few days- we stayed in an Ibis budget which, although basic, had everything we needed and saved us a lot of money that we instead used to fund further travels.

We spent a couple of days exploring the city, which is very historic and beautiful. I mainly enjoyed taking in the architecture- I would definitely recommend seeing le Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, which has the most stunning architecture. We also loved the main square with it’s Hotel de Ville, which was a really nice area to relax in and watch the world go by.

 There’s also a copious amount of cute cafés to stop in for breaks, which for me always includes a few too many chocolats viennois.

We spent one of the days at Parc du Futuroscope, a theme-park just a short bus ride from Poitiers centre which features some of the world’s pioneering cinematographic, multimedia and auto-visual techniques within its many rides and interactive shows. The part is filled with 4D cinemas and hosts a night-time show in cooperation with Cirque du Soleil. New to the park this year for the park’s 30th year, l’Extraordinaire Voyage was a fantastic ride, which takes you on a simulated journey across the world. Dubbed “une experience technologique de haut-vol”, your legs are suspended in mid-air, so it really does feel like you are flying!


We had a whistle-stop tour of Tours, travelling there by train for the day. The architecture was amazing there too, especially la Rue Nationale, l’Hotel de Ville and, surprisingly, the city’s train station.  We spent the majority of the day walking around the city, although it was raining for the majority of the day, so we were limited as to how much we could do whilst we were there.

I was really surprised how much green space there was in Tours and I really enjoyed our short visit. I would love to visit again to explore it properly.

I had a really great time visiting these cities, and I’m so glad that I made the most of the holiday, instead of just relaxing like I originally intended. Look out for my thoughts and reflections on our visit to Toulouse in my next blog!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, and be sure to check in every now and again should you be interested in my ventures.

A bientot!

harrietalicexox ♥