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in     by Alice Young 11-09-2017

Just back from: Paris

Now: Home

Next: Bilbao

I'm Alice, a soon-to-be third year French and Spanish student at the University of Leeds. I am recently back from a three month internship in Paris to form my Term Abroad and am about to embark on my Year Abroad in Bilbao, for the Spanish half of my degree. I love to write about and share my experiences, advice and stories from my time abroad, in hope that my reading audience will be more than just my parents! 

So, what's my story? Pre-university, I took a year out to work as an Au Pair in France. This was primarily of course to build my language skills, but also to put off education for another year and spend some time in a beautiful part of the world. I spent ten months living with a fantastic bilingual family an hour from the ski slopes and five minutes from the beaches at Lake Geneva. With my weekends spent either whizzing down the slopes (whizzing being a questionable choice of verb) or swimming in the lake, I couldn't have asked for a more idyllic setting to live in.

Earlier this year, whilst in Paris I worked as an intern for a French company teaching English to primary school children all over the city, and worked for the Client Relations team in the office. This was great for improving my professional French and my tolerance of working with a large group of taxing three-year olds. This time for me was a challenge as alongside my 37 hour working week I had also signed up for 10 hours of au pairing for my host family in exchange for a lower rent (I could not be more excited for my 12 hour working week this year!)

After a year living next to the Alps and a three month stint in Paris, it's time for me to work on my Spanish and spend some time living in Spain. So what's my next step?

This year I will be working as an English Language Assistant for the British Council, a popular choice for language students for their third year abroad (nothing to do with the great pay, and a 12 hour working week of course.) I will be working in a Spanish primary school in the countryside, around an hour from Bilbao. In my free time I am hoping to gain as much experience as I can alongside my teaching position. This will mostly be in the form of remote work from my laptop, as I am hoping to get my writing out there as much as I can - so thanks for checking out my first post for The Student Language Bureau. I am really looking forward to writing for this site and am hoping to share some helpful stories and tips for others on the same journey.

What can you expect to see from my posts?

Tips and advice for others on their year abroad, suggestions for how to make the most of your time away and general ramblings of what I'm up to in my new city! 

I can't wait for you to see more of what I'm up to here and also over at my blog at: www.aliceinwanderlanddiary.wordpress.com


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