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in     by  12-04-2017

Leaving for Easter? #travelaware 

If you’re a student in the UK it means that the upcoming month, April, is a 30-day break from university. Technically you should be revising and working on your assignments throughout this period, but let’s not mention that and instead focus on something much more pleasant – holidays. You have probably already made plans on where you’re about to spend your Easter. In this article I’d like to talk about a few interesting places to visit during Easter. There are so many places you could visit but since it is not possible to see them all at once, I will mention only the three most interesting ones (in my opinion):

  1. The Kitano, New York City

This place is a simple answer for all the people who love Japanese culture and want to visit the United States. Located at Park Avenue, Kitano is New York’s only fully Japanese-owned hotel. It’s pretty expensive (Bank of Mum and Dad might need to give you a helping hand for this one) but the views are definitely worth it. As the official webpage says, the hotel ‘effortlessly blends traditional Asian hospitality and contemporary convenience’. Japanese cuisine and artwork are combined with relaxing and luxurious accommodation. This is experience you certainly do not want to miss.

#travelaware: check the entry requirements of the country you plan to travel to. Be aware that to enter the USA you need to get visa. Please be aware that some countries might ask for your passport to be valid for at least 6 months after the date you travel.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Fancy spending your Easter break in one of the most beautiful capitals in the whole of Europe? Because Prague definitely counts. It is stunning and, for a capital city, relatively cheap compared to UK prices. Fall in love with Czech architecture this April, have a walk over the Charles Bridge, or see the magical statue of Franz Kafka. Old Town Square is full of street attractions, souvenir shops and restaurants. According to Euromonitor International, Prague was the 5th  most visited city in Europe in 2016.

#travelaware: make yourself familiar with the currency of the country you’re going to. Speaking of money, ensure you have access to funds to cover emergencies and unexpected delays. Take more than one means of payment with you (cash, debit card, credit card). Be careful when using your cards, your bank might charge you additionally because of the currency change.

  1. Maldives

The Maldives’s economy is based on tourism so everybody is more than welcome to visit this part of South Asia, Indian Ocean. If you find relaxing on the beach, swimming and diving in the ocean appealing, then the Maldives is the place for you to visit. It’s priceless views are something you will never forget. It hosts very multicultural tourists since it is a very attractive location for people from around the world. Unique culture, variety of cuisine, ultra-luxury – this place is nothing short of a kind of paradise! Book your trip to the Maldives as soon as possible!

#travelaware: if you want to spend your Easter in some exotic place like the Maldives, you’re going to need the yellow fever vaccination certificate, even though – according to TravelHealthPro.org.uk – there is no risk of yellow fever in Maldives. Additionally, while abroad, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do back home.  Remember that certain behaviour might be misunderstood by the locals. Speaking of that, do your own research on the customs of your destination country. Behave accordingly and obey local laws. There may be serious penalties for breaking a law that might seem trivial at home.

Have a happy, healthy and safe Easter break!

Michal Frackowiak